Notice: There has been many organizations merging to the "Don't move, GO"
Contact the Tournament Directors to to verify if they will be using "Ready Go" or "Don't Move Go"
if you have a concern or preference for one or the other.

Michigan Arms Tournament Rules

1. All competitors must weigh in in order to compete.  Any individual(s) attempting to alter weight by not following proper weigh in conduct/procedure will be disqualified from the event.

2. Luck of the draw system will be used, absolutely no seeding.

3. All events will be double elimination competition.

4. All events are Stand-up Competition, unless Advertised as Sit Down or Seated Tournament.

5. Each weight class will be run until the last four competitors  2 winners - 2 losers (Semi Finals), then move to the next weight class.  the last four competitors (Semi Finals) remaining in each class will be run in rounds until 2 competitors remain (finals), then finished.

6. No contestant will be matched twice against the same person unless it is for place, i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

7. Competitors may not wear anything on their competing arm or hand.  However, in the event of a bleeding injury, a competitor MUST stop the bleeding to the referee’s satisfaction.  No more than 3 minutes will be allowed.  Use of a Band-Aid or a piece of tape the size of a Band-Aid on the wound is allowed.

8. Competitors may wear wedding rings on their competing hand, at the referee's discretion.

9. Platform shoes or risers may be used for height compensation in stand up competition.

10. Stickum, rosin, or chalk Only is allowed on the hands
11. Straps will be used if slip of grip occurs within the "neutral zone" of the table.

12. The Audible signal given by the starting referees must be "Ready, go".

13. Sportsmanship will prevail. Failure to comply will result in a foul or immediate barring from contest.

14. Stand up competition will use a minimum of 2 referees per table.

15. Referee's decision will be final at all times.

16. No Spectators or Contestants are allowed to be behind the starting Referee's during Competition.


Michigan Arms Competition Rules

1. Competitors are allowed approximately 30 seconds total to arrive at table.   Failure to report will result in loss.
2.  Free hand must be in contact with the peg at all times.
3. Shoulders must be square to the table before start of match.
4. Competing elbow must be placed on the elbow pad at all times.
5. Thumb knuckles must be showing on competing hands before start of match.
6. Referee must be able to pass closed fist between biceps and forearm of competitor before start of match.
7. Competing wrists must be straight before start of match.
8. Gripped hands must be in center of table, in line with pegs.
9. Competitors must equal their opponent’s side and/or back pressure before start of match, if possible.
10. A period of approximately 30 seconds will be allowed to grip properly at referee's discretion.
11. Referee's grip must be administered after approximately 30 second time period has lapsed.
13. No movement will be allowed during or immediately following administration of referee's grip.
14. Competitors may waive the 30 second time period if both agree, thereby starting the match in a referee’s grip before 30 seconds has lapsed.
15. Competitors may not intentionally delay the competition, i.e. not staying at the table, not attempting to grip up, etc.
16. A thirty second rest period may be permitted after a slip grip or foul upon referee's discretion.
17. Competitors must be stopped if believed to be in "Dangerous" position.
18. Competitors may not use any part of the body to pin their opponent.
19. Competitors may not intentionally slip grips.
20. Competitors may not intentionally attempt to cause a foul for themselves after the “go”, i.e. picking up elbow.
21. Competitors may not intentionally attempt to cause a foul for their opponent, i.e. shoving of elbow.

Michigan Arms Infraction for Competition

All Infractions will be called fouls by officials, and any foul that is called by the referee, the match will be stopped. Any combination of two fouls is a loss of match, unless the competitor is in the losing position, which is below two-thirds of the way to the pin pad. then only one foul will constitute a loss if the competitor is in the losing position.

1. Failure to maintain contact of the peg at all times.
2. Failure to keep competing elbow on the elbow pad during the match.
3. Failure to square shoulders after 30 second time lapse.
4. Failure to straighten wrists after 30 second time lapse.
5. Failure to line up in center of table after 30 second time lapse.
6. Movement of any kind during or immediately following administration of "referee grip".
7. Intentionally causing a delay in competition.
8. Competing in a "dangerous" position.
9. Use of any part of the body to pin opponent or gain advantage.
10. Intentionally slipping grips.
11. Slipping grip when their arm is in the losing position, which is below two-thirds of the way to the pin pad.
12. Intentionally attempting and/or creating or causing any foul after the “go”.
13. False starts will result in a foul on second and/or third offense.  First offense is a warning if not intentional at referee's discretion.
14. Failure to use only stickum, rosin, or chalk while in the competition area or at the table.


Michigan Arms manners of winning a Match


Competitors must touch any portion of their opponent's shoulder to fingertips on the pin pad. If competing right handed, the winning competitor must touch the opponent to the winner’s left hand side pin pad. The opposite will be for left handed competition.
Competitors losing grip when their arm is past the "neutral zone", which will be below two-thirds of the way to the pin pad, will receive a foul, which constitutes a loss due to only one foul being allowed in a losing position.
(Exception to the rule is if the contestant in Losing position has the hand control and the contestant in in winning position has a flopped back wrist)
Competitors must pass any portion of their opponent's wrist to fingertips below the pin pad without touching the pad. 
If competing right handed, the winning competitor must pass the opponent below the winner’s left side pin pad to the front of the their elbow pad, with the opposite for left handed competition. (you cannot parallel pin your opponent while you are in the losing position or past the right side of your elbow pad)
Competitors must receive any combination of two fouls, one foul while in the losing position, or one intentional foul.
Failure to demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times will result in immediate barring from contest, resulting in loss of any and all matches remaining and forfeiture of any and all placement and awards.
Intentionally creating or causing any foul after the “go” will result in a loss of match.