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More Resent Pics - ArmFighterFoto

2014 Michigan Junior Championships

2010 Michigan Junior Championships

2009 Michigan State Championships

2009 Main Street Muscle

2008 AAA National Pictures

2008 West Michigan

2007 Michigan State

2007 Sparta town & country days

Vern's Benefit tournament

2006 Roundup

2006 Sparta Town & Country Days

2006 USAA National pro Am

2006 City Lites III Championships

2006 Mike Gould Classic

2006 Mike Gould Classic finals

2006 Ohio State Championships

Michigan Goes to 2005 Florida State

2005 City Lites II Championship

2005 AAA Illinois State Championships

2005 USA  Nationals Championships 1  2  3

2005 Michigan State Championships

2005 AAA Nationals Championships

2005 Indiana state Championships

2005 Sparta Town & Country days

2005 West Michigan Championships

2005 Mid Michigan Championships

2005 Mike Gould Classic

2005 Roundup

2005 City Lites I

2004 Show of Strength

2004Michigan State championships

2001 West Michigan Championships

1990 Yukon Jack Finals
If you have a series of picture of any Yukon Jack finals
Please send to Michigan Arms, with the year, to Post Here.

1988 Michigan State Championships

1987 Michigan goes to Ohio State Sit-Down