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Lloyd Petipren page. by George Deible

This page will be dedicated to one of my best friends that got me started in Armwrestling in the mid 80's, Lloyd pasted away in July 1989.

I Just Received this Picture of Lloyd after giving it to a friend to scan 22 yrs ago.
I forgot about it, and was given the picture back a few days ago.

Lloyd was a worker as you can tell by the pile of Apple wood he cut.


  • 1987 Michigan Peach Festival
    Lloyd Petipren (L) & Friend AL (R) after the Tournamet
    at 1987 Michigan Peach Festival in Remeo MI.

    Lloyd won two right hand and a left hand class.


  • 1987 Ohio State Sit-Down Championships
    We all had a great time at this tournament and I don't think anyone of us that went with Lloyd will forget how much fun we had with him.

                                                                                                          (Left to Right) Brian Bowerman, Ed Fitzgerald, Lloyd P


  •  1988 Michigan State Championships
    was directed by Lloyd in June of 1988 and was the first tournament I was involved in promoting.
    Lloyd was one of a kind that knew how to have fun and be a serious puller too. All of us that traveled and  pulled with him always had a great time.
    Lloyd traveled a lot to tournament all over the Country and Canada and this helped made the 1988 Michigan State Championships a great success.

 (Left to right) Dave Motz, Lloyd Petipren, Gerald Dees,Fred Wink, & Ed Fitzgerald 

Gerald Dees & Lloyd                                                  Rob Graham & Lloyd

             Little Brother Karl (L) & Lloyd handing out awards.       (left to right)Gerald Dees, Mike Ohera, & Steve Cox


  • 1989 Ohio State stand-up Championships

Boy did Lloyd like to Pull with the Ohio Guy's

Dutton & Lloyd                                                                                   Lloyd & Sam Cooper


  • July 4th 1989, Hesperia Mi.

    Brian Bowerman & Lloyd



No Tournament to go to this weekend, so Lloyd and myself getting ready to have a drink.


More  Cool stuff to come.

If anyone has any pics or info. they would like to share please sent to George Deible