2005 Ultimate Armwrestling II Plaza Hotel- Las Vegas
The United States Armwrestling Championships as showed on Fox Sports, 
April 15-17 2005

Menís Pro Right 0-154: Roman Tsimndeliani/ Rick Soliwoda/ Engin Terzi/ Vern Martel
Menís Pro Right 155-176: Cvetan Gashevski/ Andreas Rundstrom/ Kenny Hughes/ Chad Silvers
Menís Pro Right 177-198: John Brzenk/ Todd Hutchings/ Dan Whittle/ Kevin Bongard
Menís Pro Right 199-242: Ferid Usmanov/ Ron Bath/ Marcio Barboza/ Sylvain Perron
Menís Pro Right 243+: Matt Girdner/ Travis Bagent/ John Brzenk/ Nick Zinna
Menís Pro Left 0-154: Roman Tsimndeliani/ Rick Soliwoda/ Engin Terzi/ Devin Bair
Menís Pro Left 155-176: Kenny Hughes/ Cvetan Gashevski/ Bill Ballinger/ Chad Silvers
Menís Pro Left 177-198: John Brzenk/ Michael Selearis/ Kevin Bongard/ Todd Hutchings
Menís Pro Left 199-242: Marcio Barboza/ Robbie Topie/ Tom Nelson/ Sylvain Perron
Menís Pro Left 243+: Travis Bagent/ Eric Woelfel/ Christian Binnie/ August Smisl
Ladies Pro Right 0-121: Valerie Beach
Ladies Pro Right 122-143: Barb Zalepa/ Malin Bergstrom/ Wendi Lynde/ Jennifer Hoffert
Ladies Pro Right 144+: Dalia Medziausyte/ Nicole Cisco/ Joyce King/ Donya Baker
Ladies Pro Left 0-121: Valerie Beach
Ladies Pro Left 122-143: Malin Bergstrom/ Maria Lundkvist/ Valerie Beach
Ladies Pro Left 144+: Joyce King/ Cynthia Yerby
Menís Amateur Right 0-154: Ali Tunca/ Corey Miller/ Lenny Lockert/ Jamie Sheldon
Menís Amateur Right 155-176: Cappy Campasano/ Wayne Fredrickson/ Joe Gonzales/ Nick Smiley
Menís Amateur Right 177-198: JJ Talton/ John Stanton/ Jamie Alley/ Danny Long
Menís Amateur Right 199-242: Manuel Cardoso/ Lee Bonnett/ Sjon Delmore/Jerek Gerdes
Menís Amateur Right 243+: Richard Chacon/ Jim Gerdes/ Travis Berggren/ Conan Medak
Menís Amateur Left 0-154: Bryce Meaux/ Ali Tunca/ Lenny Lockert/ Corey Miller
Menís Amateur Left 155-176: Jeff Ames/ Tony Montgomery/ Cappy Campasano/ Aaron Smith
Menís Amateur Left 177-198: JJ Talton/ Lorne Roberts/ John Stanton/ Steve Kauppi
Menís Amateur Left 199-242: Sjon Delmore/ Lee Bonnett/ Matt Scofield/ Ruben Ruiz
Menís Amateur Left 243+: Richard Chacon/ Chris Daniels/ Conan Medak/ Jim Gerdes
Masters Right 0-154: Vern Martel/ Steve Ramseyer/ Gerry Beaudry/ Joey Costello
Masters Right 155-176: Mike West/ Duane Hanel/ Steve Jeffryes/ Wayne Fredricksen
Masters Right 177-198: Don McClary/ Tom Barnett/ Marty Roberts
Masters Right 199-220: Robert Coppla/ Mike Vogel/ Paul Meaux/ Shawn Carolon
Masters Right 221+: Sammie Hattabaugh Jr/ Nicolos Currat/ Conan Medak/ Jim Gerdes
Masters Left 0-154: Gerry Beaudry/ Joey Costello
Masters Left 155-176: Dwayne Hanel/ Zee Bugaj/ Adam Gerbert
Masters Left 177-198: Dwayne Hanel/ don McClary
Masters Left 199-220: Dwayne Hanel/ Don McClary/ John Shipes/ Robert Coppla
Masters Left 221+: Jim Gerdes/ Conan Medak/ Dwayne Hanel/ Roger Briere
Novice Right 0-165: Bryce Meaux/ JC Child/ Kyle Child/ Joe McKanna
Novice Right 166-198: Justin Kaufman/ Kyle Norman/ Chris Haugen/ Troy Tiegs
Novice Right 199+: Frank Biundo/ Alcide Hargrave/ Ruben Ruiz/ Troy Tiegs
Grand Masters RT 0-165: Ian Stanton/ Hugh Brodie/ Mike Burgeson
Grand Masters RT 166-198: Fred Roy/ Bert Whitfield/ Adam Gerbert
Grand Masters RT 199+: Sammie Hattabaugh Jr/ Bert Whitfield/ Roger Briere/ Lee Freeman


Mike Gould Classic
7th Annual Arm Wrestling Championship
 This is a Great tournament, I want to see Michigan Pullers attending this event in 2006.

Saturday March 26, 2005
Park Place Sports Bar & Grille
799 Park Rd. South
Oshawa, Ontario
Super match Best 3 0f 5
Travis Bagent vs Devon Larrate
Travis 3 & Devon 1 = $1000 winner Travis Bagent

I received these results off a message Board, Please correct me if there incorrect.
I have no result for the Amateur classes

Open Classes
Men's Right 0-154
1st - Engin Terzi, 2nd - Vern Martel, 3rd - Jacques Aubin

Men's Right 155-187
1st - Mike Selearis, 2nd - Troy Eaton, 3rd - Crazy George (pulled out due to injury)

Men's Right 188-220
1st - Devon Larratt, 2nd - Simon Perron, 3rd - Eric Roussin

Men's Right 221+
1st - Travis Bagent, 2nd - Devon Larratt, 3rd - Earl Wilson (I think)

Men's Left 0-154
1st - Engin Terzi, 2nd - Ivan Clťment, 3rd - ?

Men's Left 155-187
1st - Mike Selearis, 2nd - Neil Looker, 3rd - Pat Mastrangelo

Men's Left 188-220
1st - Devon Larratt, 2nd - Sylvain Perron, 3rd - Simon Perron

Men's Left 221+
1st - Earl Wilson, 2nd - Devon Larratt, 3rd - Travis Bagent

Women's Right 0-143
1st - Barb Zalepa, 2nd - Tamara Mitts, 3rd - Wenda Orchard

Women's Right 144+
1st - Joyce King, 2nd - Barb Zalepa, 3rd - Tamara Mitts

2005 Illinois State Open and Amateur Championships

Tournament Date: August 27, 2005
Held at Rocky Vanders in Prospect Heights, Il
Referees: Gray Graff, Jeff Stroud
Tournament Director: Greg Wilson

Mens Open Right
154 : 1st - Roman Yanushev; 2nd - Scott White; 3rd - Steve Pettis

154-189 : 1st - Greg Wilson; 2nd - Ben White; 3rd - Brandon Berezay

189-209 : 1st - Brent Rakers; 2nd Rodney Sellers; 3rd - Scott Goloven

209+ : 1st - Jeff Bradley; 2nd - James Marcanio; 3rd - Craig Wirth

Mens Open Left
172 : 1st - Mark Pachla; 2nd - Chancey Cupps 3rd - Scott White

209 : 1st - Brent Rakers; 2nd - Scott Goloven; 3rd - Randy Malkowski

209+ : 1st - Jeff Bradley; 2nd - John Creekmoore; 3rd - Craig Wirth

Ladies Open Right
Open: 1st - Daila; 2nd - Amie Titus; 3rd - Cyndy Lawrence

Mens Novice Right
154 : 1st - Mark Pachla; 2nd - DJ Macs, 3rd - Dale Fleming

154-189 : 1st - Adam Bakker; 2nd - Jake Legg, 3rd - Dalius Skultinas

189-209 : 1st - Randy Malkowski; 2nd - Nick Smith; 3rd - Joe Pacocha

209+ : 1st - Raivo Vanduts; 2nd - Gil Equia; 3rd - Rick Pelzer

1st Place Open Classes $50/Trophy

2nd-3rd - Trophies for amatuers and pros